peculiar portraits and other curiosities

in 2002, i graduated from penn state university with a ba in art and media studies. my favorite mediums were hand-dyed and embroidered textiles and watercolors. settling in the philadelphia suburbs, i spent my post collegiate life in various office jobs. needless to say, my art took a backseat for the next eight years.

i moved to portland, oregon in 2010. my love of creating art resurfaced in the form of peculiar portraits of women rendered in acrylic paint, usually on small canvases or wood. these women were inspired by early american folk portraiture, and were typically surrounded by birds or flowers. eventually my interests in biology and natural history broadened, and my portraits became infused with images of anatomical hearts, detailed insects, and moody landscapes.

in the summer of 2012, i received a box of old family photographs, some dating back to the late 1800s. the recurring theme of family connections and ancestors pervaded my thoughts and my paintings. together with fantastical qualities like ghostly forms or strangely growing flora, these concepts inspired and influenced my work.

currently, i continue to explore my interest in folk art portraits, familial connections, and the natural curiosities that surround our everyday lives.

when not working, i love reading, cooking indian food, practicing yoga, and exploring the beauty of the pacific northwest.